Monitoring camera market status and product introduction

According to the 20172022 US surveillance camera market outlook survey and investment opportunity research report released by the Industrial Research Institute, in the US market, the market size in 2016 reached 4.2 billion US dollars. It is estimated that the US surveillance market will reach 9.8 billion US dollars in 2022.

The surveillance camera is a video capture device. The image of the subject is focused on the chip through the lens, and the corresponding proportion of charge is accumulated according to the intensity of the light. The accumulated charge is shifted out point by point under the control of the video timing, and is filtered and amplified. After that, a video signal output is formed, and when connected to the visual terminal, the same video image as the original image can be seen. The surveillance camera is mainly divided into a gun-type hemisphere type high-speed dome type from the appearance; it is mainly divided into an analog camera network camera and a coaxial high-definition camera according to the resolution and access system. The main raw materials for surveillance cameras include lens CCD CMOS sensor image DSP chip D A chip.

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