Why can Chinese surveillance cameras grow so fast?

In the past decade, China has been a fast-growing country for surveillance cameras. According to the data of the consulting company IHS Markit in 2016, China has a total of 176 million surveillance cameras. Among them, 20 million are controlled by the public security system.

The Safe City Plan is the main thrust for the development of China’s video surveillance industry. Public security is the main department to achieve peacebuilding. In the “3111 Pilot Project” launched in 2005, the construction of video surveillance systems is the core goal. With the successful acceptance of the first phase of the project, various localities began to follow up the construction projects of the Safe City, which began to spread to towns and cities.

In China, the video surveillance system is also known as Skynet Engineering. It is usually divided into video acquisition network transmission data processing service applications and four-layer structure. In these files, the camera’s unit of measure is the road, and the procurement budget for each camera is 35,000.

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