Intelligent security surveillance camera

In the past, a solid door lock or security company services such as ADT Blinks was enough to protect our home, but now, the popularity of smart home networks and the emergence of a large number of cheap and easy-to-use products allow us to protect our homes. Safety. The integration of smart voice assistants and smart home products also makes it easier to lock doors and view security camera videos.
At this year’s CES show, big manufacturers have launched their own new products, such as Brinks’ Array smart door lock, RCA’s smart doorbell, Ring’s smart safety light and security camera, and Canary’s indoor camera.
At the same time, we also saw a lot of new products from startups. Somfy’s security camera will be available at the end of the year and is an important part of its smart home ecosystem. There are also at least two companies that have launched security-related applications, including Vivint.

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