Introduction of Hikvision Security Monitoring Company

The rise of Hikvision is indeed related to the expanding monitoring needs of the Chinese government. According to information released by the company, in 2011, Hikvision received a $1.2 billion Chongqing Safe City Monitoring Project to add 200,000 surveillance cameras in three years. In addition, Hikvision is also the equipment provider for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
Hikvision’s advanced technology allows these cameras to capture clear images even in foggy, rainy and even dim environments. The system also automatically recognizes the car’s license plate and finds out whether the driver is using the phone while driving, and the face recognition technology plus the identification of body color and clothing allows these devices to track specific objects.
Is it safer or less secure? The use of surveillance cameras on a large scale has been controversial. Public space image surveillance systems have been proven to help increase the detection rate. According to public data from the Shanghai police, surveillance cameras helped them arrest 6,000 suspects last year. Changsha police said that since the camera was installed four years ago, the camera has helped the police detect more than 1,200 cases.

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